Building Automation Systems is able to work with a variety of products, but our preferred product is C-Bus. The reason for this is that C-bus is a flexible system offering you numerous possibilities.

The C-Bus System can be used to control lighting and other electrical systems and products via remote control and can also be interfaced to a security system, AV products or other electrical items. The C-Bus system is available in a wired version and a wireless version, with a gateway available to allow messages to be sent between wired and wireless networks. The wired C-Bus system uses a purpose built category 5 UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) cable as its network communications cable.

360 Degree PIR Multi Sensor

C-Bus, via the installation of sensors that detect light level, occupancy and temperature, gives you the capability of controlling your building environment in relation to the external factors, thereby making it a more pleasant place to work or relax.

By combining the C-Bus system with other products from Schneider Electric BLISS, you will be in full control of not only your building environment, but also your energy consumption, thus preparing yourself for any future regulation of energy consumption due to environmental effects.

Neo 5058NL 8 Button Switch

Neo and Saturn

The system can be controlled by touch screens, which are available in colour or B&W, or Saturn or Neo DLT panels. You also have a range of keypads available in the Saturn and Neo series, to match any architectural or design requirements. Due to the number of button configurations available, one keypad could replace numerous single switches, dimmers, ON/OFF toggles and timers

Wiser Web Control

Wiser Web Control

We can also install the Schneider Electric Wiser Web Control. This unit makes using your technology easier and more convenient, by providing seamless control of your lighting, security, air conditioning, home cinemas, sprinkler systems etc.

With a built-in Ethernet router, you are able to access and control your C-Bus network from anywhere via the internet. You can use the built-in scene, scheduling and logic programming modules to configure your system just the way you need it.

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