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Building Automation Systems specialises in programming C-Bus lighting system installations for large-scale developments. From the initial planning stage, through to the final commissioning, Building Automation Systems is able to provide valuable assistance to the development team.

Our services include:

  • Assistance with planning the C-Bus lighting system
  • Supply of the C-Bus components
  • Supervising the installation of the C-Bus units and cabling
  • Programming the C-Bus units
  • Training the client to manage the system

Building Automation Systems is also able to facilitate the installation of KNX based systems. KNX is a worldwide Standard for all applications in home and building control.

All products which bear the KNX logo are able to be integrated into the building control system. This ensures that different products from different manufacturers can operate and communicate with each other, even when used in different applications. This enables a high degree of flexibility in the extension and modification of installations.

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